Kathie Davidson
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An Ohio native, Kathie Davidson was called by God when she was 12 years old hearing the Lord speak to her saying, "I want your life." Years later, while attending a meeting at a church in Pennsylvania, a man of God spoke a prophetic word to her, "I’m going to send you to a place where you will learn to follow me."

In the 1980s God brought Kathie to Water of Life church in Plano Texas. There she began attending Water of Life Christian training school being taught by God through Doyle Davidson. Through those years, she was learning to walk in the Gospel and it's power in her home, in her business, and as a schoolteacher.

Today, Kathie is an international minister of the gospel. She has a unique style in her presentation, ministering though the Spirit with words easy to understand. Her 30 minute programs are broadcast on live stream, Roku, nationwide radio and international shortwave. Her messages are based in the gospel; the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, which she testifies is the power of God. She often then shares some of her own testimonies witnessing to the miracle working of God.

Join her here, on live stream, Roku, Facebook, other devices and in person as God ministers through her.